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  • Sunny Sunny Dec 27, 2012 12:48 PM Flag

    Keeper 3B help

    I'm in a keeper league that keeps 12 players.
    Offensively I sit at:
    C: Posey,1B: Votto, 2B Pedroia, SS: Andrus, OF: Ellsbury, Util: Rizzo.
    For 3B I have either Aramis or Moustakas. Do I go with the youngster that has a chance to break out or the proven veteran? Or should I skip both of them and draft Middlebrooks come draft day?

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    • Keep Aram. It seems that people aren't really high on him... ever but all he does year in, year out is put up consistent #'s. Power, an RBI machine and oh yeah, he bats behind Braun. Also, he is notoriously known as a slow starter and kills it in the second half when most players start to fizzle. That should be the easiest decision you ever make, keep Aramis Ramirez.

    • Go with MM, as KC is on the rise and he will play every day. Middie could still be healing that wrist. Just 6 months since he broke it, and with his big power swing, could re-injure easily.....

    • If you can get Middlebrooks, then i would go for him. Before his injury (Which he will heal from) he is young & a good player.
      Aramis is 5696 in baseball years & on a decline while the Moose plays like a Deer.

      Go for Middle who could break out.

    • I think you have to roll with Aramis. The upside in BA, R, HR, RBI is pretty real. I know he'll be 35 middle of the year, but he's very solid. Moutakas at this point in a 12 teamer is not a starter, and I don't know with that average and BB rate he ever will be elite anyway. Middlebrooks is interesting, I think if you have any red sox fans in your league he will go too early. I like him, but I'm not sold that the K rate is staying low, and thus the BA may always be average to low or worse. That BB rate is bad and limits him to hitting lower in the order, not a bad player but I think the hype is a little too high on him. I'd look at .250/75/25/80/8 for him this year, useful in a moutakas kind of way.

    • If it were me, I would try and trade A-Ram and roll with Moustakas. A-Ram is going to be turning 35, you would think that a decline is coming.

    • aramis could help you win in 2013, middlebrooks is a good choice as well for now and the future. moutakis is a no go. anyway you have some nice keepers. i would play for 2013 and keep aramis. good luck, bob


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