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  • D-Neff D-Neff Oct 5, 2012 12:14 PM Flag

    Pick 5 to Keep

    Unlike what Jeff is trying to tell you, when only 50 players get kept, there is no need to keep a pitcher.

    Do you want me to run down the list of great pitchers this year that were ranked outside the top 50 to start the year? Just like every year. If you are keeping Verlander, Kershaw or Strasburg, ok yeah I'll concede to that. They are different as they are on a whole other level of upside they can generate in a season.

    Trout, Harper, Longoria, Pujols and Castro. Normally I'd without a doubt say J Up but you have Trout and Harper as OFers to keep ahead of him.

    Really though you have arguably 7 top 50 keepers when you add Upton and Craig to the list of 5 I named. I'd suggest shopping guys for draft picks or packaging guys together for top players if any team that has top players is kind've weak at their 5th keeper spot.


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