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  • John John Oct 2, 2012 6:52 PM Flag

    Best 3B Prospect - Please HELP!

    Is there a 3B (eligible) prospect coming up next year that has potential to be an everyday player?

    Nolan Arenado, Anthony Rendon, Jedd Gyorko, etc ...

    16 Team Dynasty League
    Im in need of a 3B next year! I have Mark Reynolds, but I'm tired of the roller coaster. Also have Trumbo, but he is losing his 3B eligibilty. Any advice?

    Players also available:
    Matt Dominguez, Logan Forsythe, Josh Donaldson, Brett Wallace (They all suck!)


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    • Olt and Arenado are solid prospects to consider. Both should be in the Majors by next year....if not sometime this season.

    • Miguel Sano will be a Monster. Question is; will he arrive in 2014 or 2015? No way he stays down longer than that. Write it down... for it is Gospel

    • If you play here at Yahoo and use their player eligibility default then you can use Trumbo at 3B.

      Yahoo requires 5 starts at a position. He had 8 at 3B last year. I just looked it up yesterday. Also 21 at 1B so he retains that position too as well as OF of course. So unless there is some fine print I don't know about, your are golden.

      Now he'll most likely will loose 3B eligibility in 2014 but by then you will have the time to find your future 3B.

    • trumbo should be 3b eligible, which others have noted.

      For next year, arena do is your best bet. Gyorko is 2b and unlikely to get playing time this year, but he could be an option. but then, looking to 2014 I don't see him being 3b eligible that year.

      Chisenhall is the only other guy. Sano is still a few years away, and unlikely to stick at 3b long term, so they say.

    • #1 - Trumbo will be eligible for 3B next year. #2 - Assuming Todd frazier is protected in your league... you have already named the most intriguing upside 3B prospect as far as having the potential to being closest to a "prototypical" good 3B in Matt Dominguez (who doesn't "suck" at all as you say, lol). #3 - There are a few other options overlooked here that, while not perfect in every way, do offer positives that would seem to outweigh the negatives and not hurt a team too significantly that they could not be compensated for... such as more under the radar guys like Jordan Pacheco, Jeff Keppinger, Lonnie Chisenhall, Eduardo Nunez, and Trevor Plouffe (also mentioned by another poster). Two not-quite-ready-for-prime-time players that will probably get a taste this year and meatier helping of diamond exposure in 2014 are Kaleb Cowart and Jed Gyorko... both are names to remember if you are in keeper leagues.

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      • Thanks man! Great post ...

        This is a 16 Team Dynasty League and we are adding 2 roster spots next season,

        I wasn't expecting any posts on this since I made this back in October. I was told Trumbo would lose his eligibility, so I was scrambling to find a good 3B prospect before rosters locked at the end of last season. I ended up grabbing Sano and Arenado hoping they might get some run next season. Frazier, Pacheco, Keppinger and Gyorko are all taken while I traded Plouffe and Melky (after suspension) last season for Zobrist so I could make my run. Matt dominguez is still available and I do own him in another league, but all the reports I read about him last season was a great glove and weak bat, but then got Houston and started hammering the ball? Was that a fluke? I honestly don't know much about Cowart except he plays for the hated LAA!

    • gyorko is a 2nd baseman not third and is Sano & Olt both taken?

    • Mike Olt, or you could do Nick Castellanos of the Tigers. 3rd base but making the transition to OF since Miggy. Arenado im a huge fan of, good lineup and playing in Coors. He lead the minors in RBI a few years ago so hell be an RBI machine. Sano has a while till majors.

    • Nick Castellanos! He is a 3rd base prospect but is moving to corner outfield because of Miguel (obviously) Could be a stud in a great roster

    • manny machado looked ok and should be a productive player in 2013. he may move to shortstop but the 3b eligibility will be there next year, bob

    • Trumbo started 8 games at 3b, all you need is 5 starts to retain eligibility or 10 appearances.

      Each number displayed is a count-down. For example, "5" means "five games REMAINING until eligibility." Batters need either 5 Games Started or 10 Games Played at a position to gain eligibility. Pitchers need 3 Starts to gain SP eligibility, 5 Relief Appearances to gain RP eligibility.

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