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    What is your opinion on people streaming in a championship game? Bush league or strategic?

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    • I agree with all of the others. Streaming definitely helped me win the championship this year.

    • If there's no rule against it, it's fair game as far as I'm concerned. There's risk/reward with streaming. If they pick right, they get an edge in W's and K's and maybe an edge in the ratios. If they pick wrong, they gain nothing in the 1st 2 categories and take a huge hit in the ratios. At this time of year, there's added risk because teams can pull starters if they've either clinched a playoff spot or decide to just shut down a pitcher for the rest of the season. So managers really have to be on the ball to gain an advantage.

      If a lot of teams don't like streaming, put in season or weekly limits on moves for next year.

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      • I have to agree with John, if there is no rule against it in a league then I would take advantage of it. I personally don't like streamers as I think it takes away the value of using a top pick for an ace pitcher. Our league put a cap on f/a pickups for the season so unless you save all your moves there really is no way to stream in that league. Before we put in a f/a cap, I took full advantage of streaming. One year I had 7 closers (3 qualified for SP) and just used the waiver wire to get me starts when I needed them depending on who I was playing.
        You may think streaming is bushleague, but if it is the difference between wining and losing and your opponent is doing it....well there is an old saying: If you can't beat em, join em.

      • How would that be bush league? You have 6 adds a week for a reason. Anyone who doesnt use those adds to spot start decent pitchers against teams with poor offenses is an imbecile.

    • Bush league? That means tacky, amateur, unsophisticated.

      Anything that is in the rules, or lets say not against the rules, is good. Assuming what's occurring is not construed as cheating. And streaming isn't unless it's prohibited via the league rules.

      A quality manager will and should use everything he can to pull off a win, and in some cases streaming can pull 2 of 5 standard pitching categories. Assuming he dominates on the offensive side, and has a weak pitching core this is a very good H2H way to win a week (and a half).

      Example: Personally I'd say if Romney DIDN'T know how to legally get away with paying less taxes, then he definitely shouldn't be our next president. I'm not agreeing or disagreeing with that sentence, just pointing out if the rules make someone able to do something, and they will lose out if the refuse or are to stupid to properly use what they've been given to work with then that would be more 'bush league' to me. You wouldn't want to win against a scrub who just lets you win, would you?


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