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    • Have whoever was commissioner for your league this year sign up next year. Yahoo will give him the option to keep the league the same (meaning same league settings, scoring, etc..,). Once he signs up, it will give him the option to invite back those people who were in the league last year, or invite someone if you need to replace a manager for whatever reason.
      Once everyone has signed up, he has 2 options under the commissioner controls.
      1. He can have everyone send in their keepers and he can enter them all manually or
      2. He can set it so everyone can enter their own keepers by a certain date. This option is if you can trust everyone in the league to remember and you want to trust them to do it themselves. I prefer option 1 just because I have a few slackers in my league that I have to keep on.
      You don't have to do anything now, you commissioner (or you if you are the one in charge) will be able to everything next year once you've signed up.