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  • Dr. Steve Brule Dr. Steve Brule Sep 22, 2012 4:42 PM Flag

    Medlen or Sale

    If only I could keep them both. I have more keepers than I know what to do with and I can only keep 3 (Craig, Cespedes, Ian Desmond, Rizzo, Sale, Medlen, Molina). I'm leaning towards Sale right now just because he has more name-value and I think Medlen will be drafted way later so I can get him for cheap, but damn he's making it tough on me.

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    • If it were me with those choices, I wouldn't keep Cespedes or Rizzo (OF and 1B are pretty deep positions) or Craig, as much as I love him. He's been injured a lot already in his relatively short career and probably more importantly, he loses 2B eligibility next year, leaving him only 1B and OF. Again, those are pretty deep positions. Molina's a tough one. Great player at a shallow position, but I'm not sure if the Cards would sit him more often than he usually does since they've invested a lot of money on him. The Twins have done that with Mauer, and he's only a year younger than Molina. The Twins also have the advantage of the DH and 1B to play Mauer more often, which the Cards don't have. I could see Molina being a 3/4 of a season player, which is still about 120 games, but if I'm keeping a player, I would want to see more guaranteed playing time.

      If I had your choices, I would keep Desmond, Sale, and basically flip a coin on Medlen and Molina, with an edge towards Molina.

    • Don't keep Cespedes or Rizzo, they are pretty easy to replace with the positions they play on, so there, now you can keep Medlen and Sale,


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