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  • Wintermute Wintermute Sep 18, 2012 11:34 PM Flag

    Sale and Bautista

    Sale could be a one season wonder, but Bautista has been a one half wonder for two years and counting. Last year he simply slumped for the last few months (and into the start of this year) while this year he was injured, and that injury may affect his swing forever. Plus, HGH can be tested for now (previously you had to test within 24 hours of an injection to detect it) so quite a few suspected juicers may (and quite a few suspected juicers *have* so far in this second half) show a sharp decline in ability.

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    • Any further thoughts? I have been enjoying the dialog. My league is very savvy and I wonder how much I would be able to get for Bautista. As he is an older risk it seems like the best I could hope for in my smart competitive league is a young risk.

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      • That's tough to say. Regardless of reasoning, a 1st round pick guy like Bautista will carry more value in his name than his previous year's statline should give him. I certainly wouldn't give him away either... I plan to trade him off early next season (or hopefully before spring training) for some young talent. I've been working on trading Bautista for Trout... may be able to make it happen as well. "Proven" 50 HR is a big draw, even if it was a one-time juice-powered carreer season that happened years ago. If I include Melky Cabrera I'm sure I can make that trade - the question is should I do that? Weigh your options and aim high, there's plenty of time to make something happen in the off season.


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