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  • Dr. Steve Brule Dr. Steve Brule Sep 15, 2012 11:11 PM Flag

    HUGE last day of playoff week 1...please help

    First week of the playoffs and I'm coming down to the wire. I'm winning 7-2-1 right now but almost every category is close. All hitting categories except HRs are up for grabs (I'm winning HRs by a lot, I'm down 2 SBs so I may lose them)

    The problem is pitching. He is streaming and has 4 pitchers tomorrow (Haren, Peavy, Werner, and Nolasco) where as I have none going (Kershaw isn't starting). I'm only up by 6 Ks, tied in wins, losing ERA by a full point, and barely winning WHIP (he punted saves so I win by default).

    Only 2 acquisitions left for the season and I need to win at least 6-4 (tie-breaker goes to him). Should I burn them on two of these guys and try to stay ahead on Ws and Ks along with my RPs?:

    Straily @Oak, Porcello @Cle, Corbin vs SF, Locke @CHC, Jimenez vs Det, or Diamond vs CWS.

    OR would you sit tight, hope my hitting staff wins at least 4/5 categories, and his weak 4 starters implode his ERA/WHIP enough that I can win 2/5 pitching categories and save my last 2 acquisitions for someone decent on waivers (Derek Holland)?

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