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  • Spitzig Spitzig Sep 14, 2012 7:15 PM Flag

    What to do?

    It's a keeper league, in which we are allowed to keep 2IF, 1OF and 2P.

    With that being said, I will likely be keeping Lawrie and Castro in the IF. Teixeira and Aramis Ramirez are getting to long in the teeth to keep, besides 1B is a deep position and I would rather keep Lawrie at 3B than Ramirez. I also have guys like Mauer, Peirzynski, Zobrist, Rickie Weeks, but I think Lawrie and Castro are my best picks.

    In the OF, it's an easy decision, as I'll be keeping Ryan Braun. Still can't believe I got him 9th overall :) Wish we could keep more in the OF though, as I also have Holliday, Granderson and Bourn.

    Verlander is a lock as one of my pitchers, but I am having a tough time deciding who to keep between Bumgarner and Cain. I was leaning toward Bum, but has last 3 starts have me second guessing.


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