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  • Slappytheclown Slappytheclown Sep 14, 2012 5:02 PM Flag

    What to do?

    one year league? drop lawrie and pick up morneau, or maybe someone else? Lind is not my favorite either, but at this time of year just depends on what you need.

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    • It's a keeper league, in which we are allowed to keep 2IF, 1OF and 2P.

      With that being said, I will likely be keeping Lawrie and Castro in the IF. Teixeira and Aramis Ramirez are getting to long in the teeth to keep, besides 1B is a deep position and I would rather keep Lawrie at 3B than Ramirez. I also have guys like Mauer, Peirzynski, Zobrist, Rickie Weeks, but I think Lawrie and Castro are my best picks.

      In the OF, it's an easy decision, as I'll be keeping Ryan Braun. Still can't believe I got him 9th overall :) Wish we could keep more in the OF though, as I also have Holliday, Granderson and Bourn.

      Verlander is a lock as one of my pitchers, but I am having a tough time deciding who to keep between Bumgarner and Cain. I was leaning toward Bum, but has last 3 starts have me second guessing.


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