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    Should I drop Strasburg

    So it's a 5 player keeper league I'm in. meaning I can only pick 5 players to keep for next year. I kept Strasburg last year and I'm wondering if I should keep holding onto him if the Nats are gonna keep shutting him down. What's everyone think. Side note: what 5 players would you keep off my team if it was yours.

    Here's my team. It's yahoo roto league with 12 managers. Where we can keep 5 of the players off our team.
    Standard yahoo fantasy categories.
    C/1B Joe Mauer
    1B Mark Teixeira
    2B Robinson Cano
    1B/3B Mark Reynolds
    SS Jimmy Rollins
    OF Carlos Beltran
    OF Jacoby Ellsbury
    OF Torii Hunter
    OF Coco Crisp
    OF Alejandro De Aza
    OF Norichika Aoki
    OF Ichiro Suzuki
    OF Carlos Gomez
    3B Pedro Alvarez

    SP Dan Haren
    SP Stephen Strasburg
    RP Chris Perez
    RP Fernando Rodney
    SP CC Sabathia
    SP Tommy Hanson
    RP Aroldis Chapman
    RP Tyler Clippard
    SP Matt Cain
    SP Brett Anderson
    SP James Shields

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    • Keep him. They are not going to keep shutting him down.
      Pick up a newspaper occasionally.
      His strikeout per inning rate is phenomenal. If you have an innings limit league, you need starters with 1+k's per inning in order to win the K's category.
      Cano, Ellsbury, Strasburg, Cain and CC.
      I would also try and package CC and Chapman for a premier offensive star of the first round variety. Braun, Votto, Cabrera....see if someone bites.

    • Drop him. Strasburg is also a strong candidate for injury every year. Throwing in the W got him hurt before. Continuing to do so will get him hurt again with all the torque he puts on his arm. There is nothing wrong with CC and Cain... Cano Ellsbury and Mauer. Don't need to keep Tex when there's plenty to draft from relative to catcher. Even though catchers are getting deeper, Mauer has a 400 obp and that kind of run production from a catcher is invaluable in the long run.

    • I would keep him. I would also keep Cano, Perez, Chapman, and Clippard.

      You have solid closers and those can be hard to come by in a new draft, but I could see a good argument for Cain. If Anderson can stay healthy next year he could be a stud in Oakland.

      Sabathia is getting old, as are many of your offensive players, Suzuki, Hunter, Beltran, and Teixeira.

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      • haha....just laughing at the guy who says to keep 3 closers over matt cain and cc....yeah closers were real hard to come by.....you don't pay for closers and you certainly don't keep them over aces. i may keep 1 just due to no other choices but not 3. i'd probably keep cano, cc, tex, cain and strasburg though

    • Yes drop him. He is done for the year, so you wont need him.

      Also, Why do you have 8 outfielders?

    • Yeah absolutely keep him. They won't keep shutting him down its just because its a year after his surgery. Maybe if you had 5 significantly better guys but from what I see thats not the case.


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