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    Looking For Baseball Information

    I became a fan of baseball about 3 years ago and have steady reached a level of obsession. I'm at the point where I seek out as much information as I possibly can about the players, teams, stadiums, and history of the club. I'm hoping some of you can help me find ways to increase my knowledge base.

    Does anyone know of any good baseball websites where I can read stats and general information? For instance, if I wanted to know how many wins Strasbug has against the Braves in his career or Miggy's BA against left-handed pitchers...stuff like that. I already look at rotoworld, rotoinfo, espn, and mlb on a daily basis so I'm looking for other kinds of websites.

    Also looking to learn a lot more about the minor league farm systems and players. As an amateur how do I find out about a Skaggs or Profar besides learning about these players on the yahoo message boards or the websites I mentioned before? Any recommendation on minor league websites? Any input would be greatly appreciated.

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    • for those stats-obsessed fans like me, i frequently visit fangraphs and baseball-refence (didn't leave in the dot coms because yahoo usually blocks those). Those sites include sabremetrics and different ways of sorting data that provide interesting outlooks on both individual and team-based stats that you normally wouldn't recognize. Before sabremetrics, baseball relied way too heavily on certain stats that don't necessarily reflect the true value of players (AVG, RBI, etc.). Analysis was way too subjective. Sabremetrics provides a more objective approach, and i find it incredibly interesting. You can also find information like minor league stats and detailed contract information as well.

    • Those type of stats remain the same regardless of what website your going to. Most if not all of those websites you listed have the splits and career total for players.

      You might have to do a little work to find out how many wins a certain pitchers has against a certain team. Its possible though and not very time consuming if you must know those type of stats, by going through each year on a site like espn and counting the stats.. On espn and yahoo, if the pitcher is about to pitch they will list his numbers against that certain team.

      For prospects and general baseball info you might want to check out Fantasy Baseball Cafe. It has some knowledgable people and its full of banter about upcoming prospects.

    • Each player is listed in Yahoo fantasy baseball and under his profile he has situational stats, split stats, career vs any pitcher or batter as the case maybe year by year or career. It has a lot of info.


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