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  • Clay M Clay M Sep 7, 2012 12:40 PM Flag

    Getting Votto Off The DL

    tough call. the safer bet would be to dump Frazier because his playing time isn't guaranteed. That being said, i'd probably still go the riskier route and give Frazier a shot. Frazier doesn't have an everyday starting roster slot, but that doesn't mean the ABs won't be there. He'll likely start a minimum of 2 days a week at 3B, 1 day a week at LF, and for the time being, 1 day a week at 1B. And honestly, i think those 4 days a week is his minimum. An injury to nearly any player on the roster (Rolen, Votto, Ludwick, Stubbs, Bruce, Heisey), and those ABs will immediately be funneled to Frazier. WIth Votto's injury, Rolen's EXTREME proneness to injury, Ludwick's age, and Stubb's slumping, i wouldn't be surprised if Frazier still found himself getting almost as many of the ABs he used to. And with his great multi-position eligibility, i think he'll be a better asset to your team than Ludwick, since it seems your OF is playing well.


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