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  • JJ JJ Sep 3, 2012 6:06 PM Flag

    Trevor Rosenthal vs Carter Capps

    Dynasty league, 12 teams/ head to head 9x9 (we count W/L/SV/Ks/HLDs/ERA/WHIP/OBPA/QS).

    Curious what the community thinks of these two guys? I currently sit in 4th (2nd best record) in my league so I'm strong. I know Trevor is up for a starting spot next year? Capps throws 100mph at a side arm slot and is thought to be the closer possibly next year even. I do have Pryor on my team as well right now.

    This is my current pitching staff...

    Stephen Strausberg
    Madison Bumgarner
    David Price
    Matt Moore
    AJ Griffin

    Greg Holland
    Ryan Cook
    Kenley Jansen
    Stephen Pryor
    Carter Capps
    Trevor Rosenthal

    then a few NAs Ive held onto the past 2 months...

    Julio Teheran
    Trevor Bauer
    Zack Wheeler

    Needless to say my staff is stocked! I need to drop one of these RP though and probably in the next week is Andrelton Simmons does return as they say next weekend. Im in LOVE with Capps though he hasnt dont much but that potential is craaaaazzy! Is Trevor the odd man out as I seem to feel he is?

    PS.... I've held onto Julio all last year with the thought he' be up....if I knew all year he'd sucked Id have dropped him. I just put in so much time being a full season prior I couldnt drop. I still think he's going to be a top of the rotation guy though.


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