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  • M-v-P M-v-P Sep 2, 2012 4:09 PM Flag

    David Murphy is..

    Grossly underowned. Big time. Even for football season starting.

    Who cares if he doesn't play everyday, .315 AVG, good HR's,good steady RBI's. He's on a hot streak in a hot streak now. If Profar keeps playing well too then the Rangers almost look unbeatable.
    Murphy is really helping my OF of Braun, Prado, and Granderson.

    It looks like I need to drop one of my 2B eligible players (Cano always at 2nd, Phillips at UTIL, Hill at UTIL, Kipnis on BN sometimes, and Ciriaco at SS when starlin castro is sucking.) I also need to figure out what to do with Goldschmidt.. he's my only 1B right now since I got rid of Howard, any good sleeper 1B men in FA? Colvin is gone...


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