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  • Clay M Clay M Sep 1, 2012 12:48 PM Flag

    keeping all Royals...

    With the Royals disappointing this year, I've been adding them for cheap. All have relatively low keeper costs, so i've acquired Butler and Moustakas via trades, Gordon via FA.

    Problem is that Hosmer is sitting on FA, and for some reason, i can't kick the idea of picking him up. But i also can't imagine keeping 4 Royals.

    If you had to pick 3 Royals, who would you keep?
    Butler, keepable with a 9th round pick
    Hosmer, keepable with a 12th round pick
    Gordon, keepable with a 12th round pick
    Moustakas, keepable with a 19th round pick

    there is no maximum number of keepable players, and the league does have a CI slot, so owning Butler and Hosmer shouldn't be an issue. i'm considering passing on Gordon simply due to his deep OF eligibility.

    any other opinions?

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    • pass on gordon , of is deep, billy is a proven hitter, hos will be better next yr and mous will be a good 3b... help with my post ...

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      • OF's deep, that's definitely true, i just don't have any bona fide OF keepers. Knowing I can draft Gordon for a fairly cheap price at least gives me a little re-assurance that i'll have an OF to fall back on, in case i don't find myself drafting OFs that early next year.

        but ultimately, i think i agree with you. Butler and Moustakas are being kept. Just have to pick between Hosmer and Gordon, and i think i'm leaning towards Hosmer.


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