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  • Bob Bob Aug 31, 2012 5:20 PM Flag

    Frazier To Lose Playing Time?

    Reading this may be the case when Votto comes back. Dusty Baker what are you thinking?

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    • i hate Dusty 90% of the time, but this is one time i think the move actually makes sense. Rolen's experience should prove to be beneficial, and even when healthy, he will need replaced 2-3 starts a week. Ludwick usually sees 1 day a week off, Votto will need 1 day a week off initially. And Heisey's been playing decent ball lately as Stubbs replacement, but if he slows down, there's a very real possibility Dusty starts Bruce in CF over Stubbs at least 1 day a week and gives Frazier the start in RF. Frazier's a super-utility guy, and even without a regular starting spot, he'll probably still see 5 starts a week at 4 different positions. I love Frazier. I've been following him for years and he's my favorite player in the league. I'd love for him to have a regular starting spot. But for the Reds, I think this is a smart move. And remember, one injury to nearly anyone on the roster (old-man Rolen, Votto, Stubbs, Ludwick, Bruce, Heisey), and his playing time will automatically go to Frazier. I really don't think Frazier owners should be too worried. You may not know at what position he'll start, but he'll still see starts, and that's all that's important in fantasy baseball.

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      • Dusty could start Frazier over Rolen, but then look who's left over to play part-time at the other positions. Cairo at 1B? absolutely not. Heisey/Paul in LF? wouldn't be as effective. Rolen is old, but he can still play. I'd rather give him 3-4 starts a week at 3B and allow Frazier to play literally all over the field all week, even if it means Frazier sees 1-2 less starts a week.

    • everyone that has ever played fantasy baseball hates dusty baker. also, anyone who is a fan of the game probably hates dusty baker


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