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  • Glenn K Glenn K Aug 31, 2012 9:11 AM Flag

    Keeper league 20 teams...advice please

    We keep 18 players, I have been able to hold on to the top spot for a few weeks, the playoffs are a lock and to do well once the season ends. My bats are solid.

    However, I need some help on my pitching keepers. We are a 20 teamer, 6x6 (with OBP and WHIP) h2h.

    Should I keep Hudson (atl), Westbrook (stl), or Lilly (lad) in place of anyone listed as a keeper?

    I have only listed players that I currently own that are eligible to keep and we will have 5 draft picks at the start of next season.

    Bats I'm keeping (10):
    C-Castillo chc
    1-Tex nyy
    2-Zobrist tam
    3-Aramis mil
    ss-Jeter nyy
    inf-Rutledge col
    of-Rios cws
    of-Maybin sdp
    of-JoeyBats tor
    of-Tabata pit
    util-DeJesus chc

    SP I'm keeping (4):
    Gio was
    Price tam
    Malholm atl
    Capuano lad

    RP's I'm keeping (4)
    Jannsen tor
    Myers cws
    Detwiler was (may go back to the pen next season)
    Broxton cin