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  • M-v-P M-v-P Aug 30, 2012 12:19 AM Flag

    Greg Holland !

    The guy has been pitching like an absolute stud for the last month, he's ranked 5th for all RP eligible pitchers, behind Medlen, Chapman, Iwakuma, and Johnson for the last 30 days.

    His stats for the last 30 days are 2 W's, 8 S, 11 K, 0.68 ERA, and 0.90 ERA ... who would've thunk it, especially since he was pitching decent at best earlier this season and isn't on a good winning team at all.

    Anyways will he keep it up into fantasy playoffs? My relievers have been crazy this season, I drafted Javy Guerra, Walden, and Venters ... and then a month and a half ago I had Axford, Cook, and Casilla as my main closers, and now my closers are Bailey, Holland, Romo, and I'm streaming Gregerson since I thought my new closers would be weak, looks like I'll be dropping Romo or Gregerson soon. Balfour has been VERY surprising lately too but he was taken in my league before I could drop Cook for him.

    I've already gone through at least 15 closers this year.. wish I had scooped up Chapman or drafted Kimbrel. My biggest mistake though was dropping Trout two weeks into his debut. I thought eh what the hell he's going down -8% ownership (at that time) and I dropped him -.- Oh well it's my first year I guess I learned to pay less attention to ownership trends. Also I traded Lohse instead of Lynn earlier in the year because I thought Lohse would regress faster than Lynn, man was I wrong.

    Sorry for the long post I guess I'm just excited to see if I'll win playoffs and felt like writing an essay before sleeping, how bout you guys?

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    • Defiantly. I owned him once he got hot. He has been awesome for me, on a team that needed saves. Now I'm straight on that stat.

    • As you've found out, the closer position is probably the most volatile spot in all of baseball. Between injuries, ineffectiveness, and trades, there's a lot of turnover. That's why people usually say not to pay for saves. You can get a decent one at the end of a draft, or more likely, pick up a couple of them off the waiver wire. As long as you're on top of closing news (and the Roto Arcade guys at Yahoo do a pretty good job of that), you can stay ahead of your competition most of the time. Something to use for next year.

      Anyway, Holland should keep it up the rest of the year. He wasn't too bad before he got the job. His numbers are skewed because of a couple of blow ups at the beginning of the year. Take away that first month, and he's only given up 9 runs the rest of the way, with 3 coming in one appearance. And yeah, the Royals aren't a good team, but they're at least keeping the scores close. Remember, for a closer, you want to look for job security and opportunities first. A bad team can support a good closer. Soria twice saved 40+ games for terrible Royals teams. This year, the Royals are 4th in the AL in save opportunities, and they should keep it up the rest of the year. It wouldn't surprise me if Holland nets almost dozen saves the rest of the season.


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