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  • Spitzig Spitzig Aug 24, 2012 11:35 AM Flag

    how to get posey

    I'm with the other guys on here, if you don't accept that deal, you aren't going to get Posey and Lincecum and quite franky, I think you're crazy for not hitting accept as soon as that trade offer came your way.

    Sure Frazier and Gomez have been hot as of late, but once Votto returns, Frazier will lose a great deal of playing time and getting Harper in return isn't too bad either, haha.

    Besides, looking at your pitchers, you could use Lincecum.

    P.S. Is this a keeper league??

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    • Problem with Frazier will be Dusty has already said Frazier will have a hard time finding playing time when Votto is back. Rollins is set at 3rd. He also said Frazier is one of their bright future players.

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      • When did Rollins get traded to Cincinnati and when did he start playing 3B, haha ;)

        I'm assuming you mean Scott "Rolen" and not Jimmy "Rollins."

        The biggest question here is when will Votto be back? If he's going to be back soon, then this trade is an even bigger no-brainer, as Frasier just won't have a spot in the lineup for the Reds.

        Although, even if Votto doesn't come back and Frasier is the starting 1B for the Reds the rest of the year, I'd probably still do the deal!


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