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  • Wu Wu Aug 21, 2012 12:06 PM Flag

    Who would you keep?

    10-team h2h league with slightly expanded rosters... Which 8 players would you keep? (Can't keep more than #$%$ or 5 pitchers)

    OF-Austin Jackson
    OF-Jason Kubel
    Bn-Pierzynski, Moustakas, (RIP Melky you damn cheat)
    DL-Jed Lowrie

    SP-Price, Cueto, Burnett, Hanson, Parker, Haren, Medlen, Johan, Worley
    RP-Janssen, Cishek, Cook, Affeldt, Burton

    I was thinking: Trout, Gonzo, Pedroia, Castro, AJax, Price, Cueto, Burnett/Hanson/Parker ?

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    • first of all.. AJax wouldnt be a keeper for me at all.. Goldschmit/Weiters or Moust would be in the running for me.. you already have two keepers SPs.. you dont need a 3rd.. being a 10 tearm league... Cs and 3Bs will be way harder to find that 1Bs.. I would keep Weiters and Moust...

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      • I can't keep more than 5 offensive players or 5 pitchers, so I have no choice as far as keeping a 3rd SP. I wouldn't keep a C unless his name were Buster Posey - the drop-off in production from other "top" (e.g. McCann, Santana, Wieters, Napoli, Mauer etc.) to late-round picks isn't that significant (e.g. Pierzynski, Doumit, Ruiz, etc)... will definitely be able to re-draft Wieters next year if I want to. Moustakas, sure, he's a talent but he's dropped off significantly post-ASB while AJax has been consistent the entire season... he has improved his patience/approach at the plate and hits atop the Tigers lineup, has the potential to be a 120+runs/20hr/25sb decent average guy heading into his 4th season... he seems to have figured it out more than Moustakas, at least to date... Goldy is also an intriguing option, but again, think he will be readily available in the draft as he was dropped in May...

    • Burnett might actually be worth keeping.

      Do you still have Melky? If so, he's definitely worth a #8 keeper spot.
      Just look at Ryan Braun. He's off the juice and still raking this year.


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