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  • solow solow Aug 20, 2012 7:54 PM Flag

    Keeper League Advice

    I am in a 10 team keeper roto league 5 x 5. My team is 8 out of 10 with no chance for winning the league.

    Someone keeps making me trade offers for Votto. (I picked him 1st round). Was thinking I could offer Votto for Bourn, Kipnis, and this guy's 2nd round pick next year, or instead of the 2nd round, Justin Upton.

    What do you think?

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    • Don't do it!!

      Votto is an elite talent and Bourn/Kipnis couldn't hold is jock strap!!
      Besides, you said you're out of it, so whats the point of getting Bourn and Kipnis for the rest of the season? Just ride things out and hope for a better season next year.

      P.S. How many keepers are you allowed and who would be your keepers as of right now?

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      • The main thing I would get out of it would be the 2nd round pick. That way, I could have a first, two seconds, plus Bourn and Kipnis. I am going to keep Sale and Austin Jackson, both of whom are 20th and 22nd rounds. Only allowed four rounds.

        I could also ask for Justin Upton, Bourn, and a 4th rounder.

        Likely I wont do anything....


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