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  • Spitzig Spitzig Aug 16, 2012 8:59 AM Flag

    Keeper League: Brett Lawrie or Starlin Castro?

    Alright everybody, I was originally going to keep both of them as my two infielders, however I recently traded a 3rd round pick for Teixeira, so he will be taking one of the two IF Keeper Spots.

    I also have Ben Zobrist in the IF and considering he has more Fan Pts. than both those guys, while recently picking up SS eligibility to go along with 2B/OF, I think he has to be considered as well.

    I'm thinking Teixeira and Lawrie, but I'm a Blue Jays fan and would like an outsiders take on this.

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    • Castro and Teix, but Castro is by far the best of the bunch

    • I would keep lawrie and castro... if i had to pick i would keep lawrie over castro... please comment on mine

    • your point system looks like pure shenanigans. lawrie and castro are your best keeping options but it looks like zobrist thrives in your league for some reason so i guess you should keep him. can you keep him as an OF?

    • i wouldn't be so sure that your keepers are worse. I'd take Verlander over Felix, Cain over CC, Braun over Kemp. The Dustin/Castro comparison could go either way in the near future. The only clear advantage he has over you is Miggy over Lawrie. I'd actually prefer your players.

    • Tough call. Teixeira is such a headache, and although he puts up decent stats, he's doing so in arguably the deepest offensive position. I don't see Teixeira being an above average 1B next year in standard 12-team leagues, meaning that i don't really see his keeper value as being all that high. I'd probably choose to skip on keeping him and draft a 1B relatively early next season. If only 2 IF players are kept from each team, i'm willing to bet there will be quite a few lower tier 1B available in the draft pool that will put up similar numbers as Teixeira will (i.e. Goldschmidt, Butler, etc.). IMO, it's worth taking a small downgrade at 1B if it means keeping other players that have a better chance of being elite at their respective positions. And in your case, i think that Castro and Lawrie are those guys.

      I love Zobrist, and i think that when Tampa Bay finally gets healthy, he'll return to being an above average 2B, and now, maybe an above average SS. However, given his performance this year, i don't think i'd consider him keeper potential, no matter how high i think his ceiling is. I'd pass on keeping him, but i'd look to acquire him in the draft, even if it means taking him earlier than he's projected. I think he's got great potential next year, and he'll almost certainly be one of my most sought after sleepers in the draft. but then again, i said that this year, i drafted him, and he's been on my bench all year, lol.

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      • Thanks, I also thought about that and am still not sold on keeping Teixeira.

        This is a 9 team pool and like you said, 1B is a very deep position.

        I like Zobrist as well and am not sure how you've had him on the bench all season. He has the 4th most points of any IF on my team, but I guess that has something to do with me having 4 outfielers among my top 5 pont getters, haha.

        Just a little tidbit:

        Teixera is 6th among all 1B this season with 366 points.
        Zobrist is 5th among all 2B and 3rd among all SS with 333 points.
        Castro is 7th among all SS with 309 points.
        Lawrie is 18th among all 3B with 266 points. (although he has been inured)
        BTW, I also have Freese, who is 13th among all 3B with 291 points.

        Looking at this, I should probably keep Zobrist and one of Castro or Teixeira.


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