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  • David C David C Aug 9, 2012 2:05 PM Flag

    Keeper help!!

    We can keep 6 to 8 guys. There is no penalty for where the players are drafted and no contracts. But if you keep 7 then you lose your first overall draft pick, if you keep 8 then you lose your first 2 overall picks. Here are the 9 I'm considering: Jordan Zimmermann, Aroldis Chapman, Chris Sale, Brandon Phillips, Billy Butler, Yoenis Cespedes, Bryce Harper, Evan Longoria and Mike Trout.

    It wasn't really close before the all-star break I was debating 7, Longo/Trout/Harper/Sale/Phillips/Zimm/Chap. Maybe finding a way to drop it to 6 but Butler and Cespedes have been great as of late. Are they worth keeping and losing drafts picks? Should a package some guys for a big piece, IE Zimm/Butler for something?

    At one point i was 11th out of 12, i made a slew of moves to get Trout/Harper/Sale, dumping players left and right. After these trades I went from 11th to 6th. And 6 teams make the playoffs. 12 cats, OPS and Quality starts are added to standard 10. Should I ride it out and hope I can compete for a championship or cut the list down to 6 guys?

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