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  • Adam Siepker Adam Siepker Aug 4, 2012 4:25 PM Flag

    Questions about Keeper/Dynasty League

    Here are my questions. Please just reply with the # and the answer, if you don't know the answer, put the # with a blank spot. Thanks.
    1. Is there a difference between a keeper and dynasty league, if so, what?
    2. Does it cost money to be in?
    3. Do you join somebody elses league, or is it assigned to you?
    4. Can you create a dynasty/keeper league? If so, is it easy to get teams to join/or have a full league?
    5. Do you keep all of your players or just some of them for the next year?
    6. Does it cost money to keep players?
    7. Does the league ever end?
    8. H2H or just normal?
    9. Are their divisions in the league?
    10. Trade deadlines?
    11. How are draft picks decided?
    12. Is there dynasty/keeper league for fantasy football?

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    • 1) The difference is the # of players you keep. Dynasty is every player, where as keeper you keep so many and varies from league to league on that process.
      2) Depends. Leagues vary. Dynasty/Keeper leagues are private not public leagues, and often times the founders/owners will have money involved in the league but not always.
      3) Again, these are usually private leagues but you can sometimes find league looking for managers to join.
      4) You could start your own but it may be hard to find committed managers to join unless you already have a group that would.
      5) Answered in #1.
      6) Also varies from league to league. In some leagues, players have prices affixed to them.
      7) Technically either can continue year in and year out.
      8) Both. Again you will find both H2H and Roto leagues.
      9) Depends on the depth of the league and setup.
      10) Varies from league to league.

      All in all, these leagues are private leagues where the rules can vary tremendously. I could have a keeper league where I affix a price to join the league, a price for each player, and then a price for making moves. I could make it so you keep 3 players but they had to be drafted after a certain round or I could say you keep 3 but give up the pick in the round you drafted them in. My point is, there is not real answer to any of these questions except the first one.


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