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  • Ron Ron Aug 3, 2012 11:27 AM Flag

    Trade Evaluation: I'll Answer Back

    I'd say you won that deal also, Bautista will be back soon, Longo is a different matter. I like Jansen, I have him in one league, K's and svs.
    The only other thing I would try to do at the moment is to see if you can swing a deal for another SP, Morrow will be back, In a 10-team league is there anyone better than Blanton on the wire? also Nova has seemed to lost his control all together, but I would not cut him.
    My two cents....

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    • My lack of pitching depth is definitely a weakness. I had Marcum and Morrow...put Morrow on DL and dropped Marcum. He's still available so I'm hoping to grab him before he comes off dl. Basically, Blanton and Fister are just the guys currently in those two streaming spots I've been using since those other guys hit the DL. Thanks for all the responses. Much appreciated.


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