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  • John John Aug 3, 2012 10:42 AM Flag

    Trade Evaluation: I'll Answer Back

    10 team h2h non-keeper. I just completed a trade to get Alex Rios & Kenley Jannsen for Youk & Bruce. When the trade is official on Tuesday this will be my new roster. How did I do and do you see any other movies I could make before the trade deadline to get playoff ready?

    C Napoli
    1B A-Gon
    2B Kinsler
    3B Freese
    SS Jeter
    OF Beltran
    OF Rios
    OF Cruz
    UT Kipnis
    UT Plouffe
    DL Longo
    DL Bautista

    SP: Weaver, Dickey, Lynn, Garza, Jackson, Nova, Fister, Blanton (DL: Morrow)

    RP: Jansen, Soriano, Street, Cook, Wilhelmsen

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    • i think you did well, strengthened your needs. can you take a look at mine "trade advice asap". thanks

    • With the year Rios is having I think you did well. Bruce is a big plus in HR but when Joey bats comes back I think you will be fine

    • If Napoli turns it around and has a second half like last year, (I think he's starting to now) and players like A Gon can keep playing to their potential then I don't see you having many problems. If your not winning then start to steam some pitching with some 2 start weeks and the such. Good Luck

    • good trade

    • i think u did ok is a non keeper so yea get yourself another good SP when u get longo or bautista back get rid of Plouffe and cook

    • Once Bautista and Longoria come off the DL, you will have very strong batters so my advice is: you should trade Kinsler or Kipnis to a team who is active in the leage and doesn't have a good 2nd basemen. (You want an active team so they will respond) Personally, I would get another SP although you looked stacked. After that I would pick up Josh Rutledge if he is not taken yet because he is looking like the next Mike Trout.
      I was in the same position with 2 power 2nd basemen and it helped my team a lot by trading. GL

    • You have a pretty good team, except the bottom of your starting pitching staff is weak imo. Referring to Nova, Fister and Blanton. You might want to add a starter. See if Mike Fiers is available. Homer Bailey is another possibility, he's pitched great except for one bad inning in his last start.

    • I would say you won that. Rios will likely go atleast 20/25 if not 25/25, and once Bautista or Longo come back either will make up for the slight power loss from Bruce. Janssen has been solid for me I actually own him as well, the Jays just haven't gotten him many save ops lately, and Youk kinda sucks anyway this season like he's ok but nothin special I think he may even be a FA at the moment in my 10 teamer. So yeah I'd say you won for sure.

      Also sorry to ask again in your thread but why is Francisco's ERA/WHIP so high since you said he's solid just curious? Does he like implode once a week or somethin haha. I'm prolly gonna grab him just kinda curious about that.


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