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  • Cesar Silva Jr Cesar Silva Jr Aug 2, 2012 9:14 PM Flag

    Are Ludwick and Harvey worth enough?

    So, here's the deal: My team has been horrible, both pitching and batting for the last 10 games. I was first last week on a 10 team league, now I'm sixth. My current team is this:

    C- Yadier Molina (Pretty regular these days)
    1B- Michael Morse (Irregular like no one else)
    2B- Chase Utley (So-so)
    3B- Brett Lawrie (Just like Utley, normal)
    SS- Danny Espinosa (From HR-SB beast to a mediocre player)
    OF- Andrew McCutchen (The only 'good stuff' right now)
    OF- Josh Willingham (May bat a HR, but for the price of a previous 10-0)
    OF- Bryce Harper (Really irregular player, I'm really thinking to drop him for Ludwick)
    Util- Carlos Santana (Starting to heat, but then cools off again)
    BN- Emilio Bonifacio (No batting here, really #$%$ me off)
    BN- Josh Hamilton (No need to say something here. I'm really disappointed).
    DL- Ian Desmond (Why, Desmond, Why?)

    The pitching? Good pitchers, bad moment.

    SP- Matt Cain (No win since July 15)
    SP- Stephen Strasburg (Last start: Six runs, four innings)
    SP- Kyle Lohse (Barely wins)
    SP- Madison Bumgarner (No win since July 13)
    SP- Gio González (The good part: Next start vs. Miami)
    RP- Rafael Soriano (Hopefully save chances will come back)
    RP- Tyler Clippard (Has been good lately)
    RP- Greg Holland (Had to drop Broxton...)
    BN- Chris Capuano (~9.00 ERA in last two starts? Really?)
    BN- Wade Miley (Can throw really good or really bad. I see him as a risky start)

    Back to the point, I'm thinking on adding Ludwick and Harvey, but, are they really worth enough? Is Ludwick's hot streak going to last? Will Harvey pitch as good as his first two starts? Who's the one to drop here? I'm thinking Harper and Capuano.

    I really need some HR, RBI, AVG and W. Some R, ERA and Whip will come handy. I need no SB. What do you think?

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