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  • CleartheCrease CleartheCrease Aug 1, 2012 4:46 PM Flag

    Keeper League Help

    Current outfielders (3OF slots, 3UTIL slots): Bautista, Swisher, Reddick, Rasmus, Pagan, Revere.

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    • Have you already decided to keep all the others? Granted, Bautista, Reddick and Rasmus are a given.

      Out of that group, Pagan has to go. Are all the prospects or fresh call ups already gone?
      (Cain, Marte, Snider, Thames)

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      • The entire league is pretty knowledgeable so yeah. If a team is clearly not able to compete in a given year, they usually load up with 3-4+ prospects just breaking into the league, ex Snider, Cain, Marte, etc.

        I added Pagan right after the draft simply because my outfield was pretty weak. Bautista and Swisher are the only OF left from last year. Pagan's last 2 years have been pretty good in terms of pts. 40-50rbi, 10-15hr, 25+ steals is a good mixed bag. Just wondering if he can continue that, or if Revere can do the same thing.

        Both Reynolds and Bautista will most likely lose their 3B eligibility next year which is why Ive been keen on Valencia who is projected as a 3rd baseman.

        Thanks for any thoughts/opinions. Appreciate it.


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