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  • Animal Animal Jul 28, 2012 1:38 AM Flag

    Butler vs. Goldschmit

    Massive debate in pre-season and I am convinced they're roles are reversed! good thing I own em both I guess...........

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    • They would be a bit expensive to acquire now. In our league's draft, Butler went late 8th rd and Goldschmidt went 13th rd. As such, they represent good value. Butler has an advantage that he is 1B eligible, although he plays every day as DH (except interleague). Goldschmidt has the disadvantage that Gibson sometimes sits him again RH pitchers, because he hits LH much better. Butler is a product of Kaufman Field. He hits for average at home, but his power shows up on the road. I like both for being good value, but at the same time, they don't quite carry a team with their bats. We drafted Butler, but picked up Goldschmidt as a FA after he was dropped by another team. Happy with both because they fit perfectly our roster plan of having lots of guys to hit 20-25 HR a year, rather than having, fewer, but bigger thumpers, who cost more at draft time.


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