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  • LC LC Jul 24, 2012 2:20 PM Flag

    Strasburg, Peavy, Lynn?

    I can have one of the three in a trade for the rest of the year. Who would you pick between Strasburg getting shutdown (if?), Peavy's injury risk, or Lynn's lack of track record? Thanks in advance!

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    • Stras... D-Neff is right.

    • i disagree with John,sorry buddy lol....Strasburg has been given a hard cap of 180 innings...The nats haven't softened on that stance one bit,they actually just annouced that hee would be capped at 180 innings a week ago,that being said he is only a tad over 100 innings right now meaning he has about 8 starts left till being shut down and that should take him into September....and i Like Lynn over Peavy just because of the teams each guy plays for,Lynns numbers are SOLID and he is on a much better team all around

      soo i would say that Strasburg and Lynn are a coin flip with Peavy bringing up the rear

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      • And if they let Stras go 180 IP. He has 70 more left, and considering he doesn't even go 7 IP a start he likely has 11 starts left. Has already made 19. Would put him at 30. If your league is like most where you end a week early because of all the guys who get days off at the end of the year, then you are gonna be fine if he goes 180. He's not on pace right now to even pitch much more than 180 IP. They've played 95 games. Got 67 left. Take out say 5 for the last week to go on the low side. That's 62. 62 is essentially 2/3 of 95(yes I know technically it is 2/3 of 93).

        What is 2/3 of 110? Roughly 37. 37 times 3 =111. So add 74 IP to 110 and you get what? 184..which is right at the number they have been flirting with.

      • Quote from just last week:

        General manager Mike Rizzo told ESPN Wednesday that he alone will decide when Strasburg's 2012 All-Star season will end, and that it's not necessarily at the 160-inning mark that has been talked about so often.

        "There is no magic number," Rizzo said. "It will be the eye test.

        That seems like softening on the stance to me. If the Nats are in the hunt and Strasburg is still looking good, he'll be pitching.

    • Strasburg, Peavy, Lynn...in that order. The Nats are starting to back off the innings cap thing and I don't think they will sit him if they're in the playoff hunt and playing well. I take Peavy over Lynn because he's been better thus far and has the track record. I'm a Cards fan and I'm ready for the wheels to come off with Lynn any time now. I'm actually kind of surprised he has rebounded from a couple of bad starts, though, so maybe he'll stay hot. But that can't be trusted. Answer my "fair trade" post please.


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