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  • Ryan Ryan Jul 15, 2012 11:57 AM Flag

    Does Anyone Have A Better Team Than Me

    Look at your team and look at mine homey I got you hands down. and I like 78-52 or something like that. But this league is actually pretty competitive 11 active managers. How many of the managers in ur 12 team league havent done anything all year or anything in a while. Bet its more than 1. Also the only hing on your team that I would rather have than mine is your OF obviously. My 1B, 2B, 3B, Bench, Util Spots, SP, RP all are better than yours.

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    • Bullship... You said earlier up there that you're leading by 18 games in your league, and here you say your record is something like 78-52 (very good but not outta-this-park). So that means second place would be something like 60-70. In a 12 team league, if all of the other 11 teams were 60-70, your league's cumulative record would be 84 games below .500 ... so quit lying and trying to make yourself look good when we all know your team isn't that great. You've been pwned here, dude.

    • okay so 3 of the managers aren't active but compare totals for the year categories in my league are Runs home runs RBI's Batting Average Stolen bases, for pitchers it is Wins Strikeouts ERA Saves and Whips on the year I have
      Runs: 441
      Stolen Bases: 97
      AVG: 286
      Home Runs:126
      Wins: 55
      Strikeouts: 781
      Saves: 77


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