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  • Kevin Kevin Jul 14, 2012 5:48 PM Flag

    Nelson Cruz for Hanley Ramirez

    I didn't know that about Hanley regarding next year. I'm new at fantasy baseball, so still trying to figure out things. Thanks for the info!

    I'll give Cruz for Hanley a shot and see what he counters with.

    Also, what should I expect of Desmond for next year? Is he playing above his head or should he be able to perform like this more often?

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    • I gotcha. Well, in terms of elig for players for the upcoming season, it's based on games played at positions this yr/expected starting position next year..so unless Hanley ends up getting 5 starts or 10 appearances at SS the rest of the season, he will be only 3b eligible next year.

      I'd say he is likely playing above his head, he's on a 30 plus HR/25 SB pace which is tough production to consistently expect really out of just about anyone.

      But he is just 26, will be entering his age 27 season next year and coming into the prime years of his career. The speed isn't fluky, but you have to worry about the power.

      Power is something that can develop as guys age though, and it's possible he finally made that progression although I would have a hard time expecting him to be a consistent challenger of the 30 HR mark. Biggest thing that bothers me about him is he still hasn't learned how to take a walk which makes me worry some about how good of an eye at the plate he has.

      Either way, he has became quite the interesting option to own at SS in keeper leagues...and I'd say I'd probably reserve a full judgement on him until seeing how he plays the rest of the season.


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