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  • JC JC Jul 10, 2012 9:21 PM Flag

    Answer mine, I will answer yours.

    I will give my opinion and reasons to back it up if you give thought on mine. I have asked this question before, but my buddy and I are at the same spot again. Last time I didn't get much response cause I didn't throw my lineup out. Thanks to anyone that wants to trade opinions on each others questions.

    I give Weaver, Cespedes and Infiante
    I get Hanley, Lawrie and Scherzer

    Think I'm giving up the best player, but winning overall. Head to head total points league, keep six guys from squad for next season. 12 team, deep rosters with very active owners. Usually pick up a double start a week. Currently in 2nd place.

    My team currently:
    C - S. Perez
    1B - E. Hosmer
    2B - T. Plouffe
    3B - M. Prado
    SS - J. Reyes
    MI - O. Infiante
    CI - W. Middlebrooks
    INF - R. Howard
    RF - J. Heyward
    CF - C. Granderson
    LF - Car. Gonzalez
    OF - A. Rios
    OF - J. Kubel
    Util - Cespedes
    Util - A. Lind
    BN - D. Viciedo
    BN - K. Morales
    BN - D. Ackley
    DL - T. Tulowitzki

    SP - C. Kershaw
    SP - J. Weaver
    SP - J. Santana
    SP - R. Dempster
    SP - C. Billingsley
    RP - R. Cook
    P - J. Axford
    P - J. Parker
    BN - F. Liriano
    BN - D. Holland
    BN - H. Bailey
    BN - M. Leake
    BN - F. Morales
    BN - D. Smyly
    DL - B. Morrow
    DL - N. Feliz

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