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    Daniel Bard

    I'm in a 20 team franchise (keep entire roster). I've had Brad Peacock stashed all season, and I'm now stashing Daniel Bard as well. My starting pitching (which was weak to begin with) has been ravaged by injuries and I'm considering rolling the dice with Sheets. I have only 4 healthy starters! There is nothing on the wire. I'm winning my division h2h 7x7, but I'm punting 3 categories (wins, ks, qs) each week. Bard has been terrible (but has been stellar until this year), and Peacock is floundering in AAA. My hitting and relievers are stellar. I will post my roster, if that helps. Please give me some feedback, I need other opinions!!!!!

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    • id rather stash bard and peacock than get 2 guys that will kill your ratios and not get enough wins, ks, or quality starts to help you win those categories. if your barely losing those cats with only the 4 healthy starters i would try to trade for more pitching. i dont think bard or peacock are gonna be amazing but could be good guys to own for sure

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      • pitch and ditch is a poor option for sure, in a league this size. Most young arms (Bauer) are already property of others as well. I'm considering taking a flier on Sheets. I listened to his start tonight and he sounded "healthy". I made an effort earlier in the season to upgrade my sp, but the only offer I regret not taking was for Dickey (in April). Everyone else was a whip killer. At this point I feel if I trade away my strengths for SP, then my team will be more balanced, but mediocre. As is, I'm keeping the ship ,afloat. I just don't want to make any drastic moves, as I'm in for the log haul!

    • Daniel Bard is terrible. Why stash him?

    • 7x7 hr, rbi, runs, sb, tb, ba, obp, w, k, sv, hld, era, whip, qs
      c perez
      1 konerko
      2 murphy
      3 cabrera
      s peralta
      lf prado
      cf mccutch
      rf choo
      u morrison
      cozart, maldonado, k johnson, morgan
      jansen lad
      60 day dl


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