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  • Doug Doug Jun 30, 2012 5:47 PM Flag

    Last call for Upton

    Were you OFFERED this trade, or are you OFFERING this trade?

    If you are offering it, you are crazy.

    CC's value isn't really any less in a regular league, LET ALONE A KEEPER LEAGUE.
    Justin Upton has already turned it on, and isn't he still only 23?

    Also, I would say you are stupid because in keeper leagues, you really can't buy low on players like upton, who are young and have already had some good years... Unless the Upton owner is as stupid as you, no way he trades him and CC away that easily in a KEEPER.

    I really hate it when people waste my time on stupid questions, if I were the league commish, I would veto this in no time.

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    • Waste your time? You decided to answer the question. No one forced you to come on these boards or answer this particular thread. And it isn't a veto by any means. But thanks, prick.

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      • You don't think that this trade should be veto'd?

        Look, buying low on players like CC while they're injured doesn't work in a keeper league, especially when he's only missing two starts.
        Same with buying low on a future superstar, who is 23, and has a very bright future.

        Next year, you would be keeping both Upton and CC, and they would only be keeping Prince.
        That trade is basically Prince for Upton and CC, being there is less than half the season left.


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