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  • Jason G Jason G Jun 25, 2012 6:02 PM Flag

    answering questions!

    Ask away! I'll be thorough with my answers

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    • This is my team:
      1B- Pujols
      2B- Cano
      3B- Beltre
      OF-Harper, Quintin, Soriano
      Utl- Andrus
      Bench- Craig, Furcal
      DL- Joyce

      Pitchers: Edwin Jackson, Darvish, Kimbrel, Valverde, Chapman, Downs, Clippard, CJ Wilson, Capuano, Jordan Zimmerman and Trevor Bauer

      Possible FA's: Belt, Chase Utley, Cody Ross, Anthony Rizzo

      Would you pick n e of those ppl up and who would u get rid of???

    • 10 team h2h, $$ 5 keeper league
      5x5 + OBP & QS

      Which player/s should I add/drop??

      Availables: youk, ike, lo mo, alvarez, crisp, fowler, pierre, volquez, farnsworth, quentin(waivers-5th)

      my team
      1b- teixeira
      2b- pedroia
      3b- beltre
      SS- castro
      CI- konerko
      MI- aviles
      OF- bautista
      OF- bruce
      OF- gordon
      OF- stubbs
      UT- moustakas
      BN m montero

      SP- cj wilson, gio, gallardo, scherzer, zimmerman, mcdonald, edwin, burnett, doubront

      RP- axford, nathan

      Please help

    • Loaded with OF's, 10 teamer, h2h 5x5

      What to do?

      Montero j-c
      JJ Hardy-ss



      Appreciate your imput in advance

    • Geez, you didn't even bother reading my explanation to what I said. Predicting someone's ROS based on a small sample size (due to his DL stint) is NOT the same as predicting his entire season based on seasons of the past. Get it?

      Since he only has half the sample size going forward than usual, we don't know how much of what side to Quentin we could end up getting from here on out. You also didn't comment on the fact that he may be traded to a hitters park in the near future, which could further skew his splits.

    • tonight , youk 1st game , or m mourse vs colorodo which he lights up bats like 500 in 36 at bats , but youk is 2-3 against liriano, only a few min till game time , as of now going w mourse

    • i am in a 10 team mlb team league....each team has to own 12 players from their mlb team....i own the brewers...the only 2 people i am able to drop would be mccan or jose altuve.....i would pick up goldschmidt...and move mauer to catcher....i could really use goldschmidts numbers.....and i cant get anyone with numbers close to goldschmidts via a trade..... so hould i drop mccann

    • Digested Chimichanga Head Digested Chimichanga Head Jun 25, 2012 7:43 PM Flag

      Thanks. it is a first place team. stupid question but yeah. just wondering with all the hype being pumped into them.

    • What pitcher could I get straight-up for Kinsler? 12-team H2H 8X8 (hits, total bases, OPS, Innings, K/9, QS)

    • Why even make a trade. I would be shocked of you told me you aren't in first place. That roster is awesome

    • Digested Chimichanga Head Digested Chimichanga Head Jun 25, 2012 7:35 PM Flag

      Should I add any of these players:

      Rizzo, Bauer, Parnell, Belt, Perkins

      who would I drop if so.

      Here's my team. It's yahoo roto league with 12 managers. Where we can keep 5 of the players off our team. Standard yahoo fantasy categories.

      C/1B Joe Mauer
      1B Mark Teixeira
      2B Robinson Cano
      3B/SS Jed Lowrie
      SS Jimmy Rollins
      OF Carlos Beltran
      OF Alejandro De Aza
      OF Carlos Quentin
      OF Torii Hunter
      2B/3B/SS/OF Trevor Plouffe
      1B/OF Adrian Gonzalez
      3B Pedro Alvarez
      OF Coco Crisp
      OF Jacoby Ellsbury
      DL 2B Chase Utley
      DL OF Carl Crawford

      SP Dan Haren
      SP Stephen Strasburg
      RP Chris Perez
      RP Fernando Rodney
      SP CC Sabathia
      SP Tommy Hanson
      RP Aroldis Chapman
      RP Tyler Clippard
      RP Santiago Casilla
      SP James Shields

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