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  • Clay M Clay M Jun 22, 2012 12:14 PM Flag

    Cano for Pujols straight-up?

    Who wins?

    I need the OBP help, so Pujols is the more attractive player for me. I also currently have 3 players who qualify at 2B and only 1 at 1B, so it would help even out my depth.

    The other manager should be willing to accept. He's in the opposite situation, having 3 players who qualify at 1B (including Pujols and Trumbo) and 1 at 2B (Johnson).

    12-team H2H (- AVG + OBP)
    C: Napoli
    1B: Fielder
    2B: Cano
    3B: Aramis
    SS: Scutaro
    OF: Bautista, Zobrist, Rios
    UTIL: Kipnis
    BN: BJ Upton, C. Young, Tulo (DL), Bonifacio (DL)
    DL: Crawford

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    • I think it's a good trade. I might say try to do a package deal and address 3B/SS, since you're not pulling Kipnis off the BN anyways, but I saw what you said about this being a tough league to trade in so you're right to temper expectations there.

      It helps you address OBP, it lets you swap a historically weaker for a historically stronger batter (face it, much of Cano's value is because he's 2B), and it gives you a little more flexibility with your UTIL spot in case of injury. I don't think you'll do much better.

    • Agreed with other guy up there you may as well Drop Tulo, I'd try to get like Hanram if possible for Canoe he could help you at either SS OR 3B as he is eligable for both.

    • You aren't addressing your teams issues with this deal. You need to work on improving 3B and SS - plus the OF. Your bench only backs up the OF - and you have two dead guys on your active list.

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      • i don't necessarily disagree with you, but i don't agree with you either. i'm a little hand-cuffed with this roster, and that information wasn't included in the initial question, but i'll try to clear up at least the way i see some of your concerns here.

        It is a keeper league, which is the only reason i'm still rostering Young and Crawford. that means that i have to roster a lot of mediocre bats (mostly OFs) at the moment, but there aren't a ton of better options out in FA (Moss, Kubel, Belt, etc). it sucks, but it's probably how i'll have to carry this roster for a while.

        Tulo and Bonifacio, while out a while, will be back in 4-8 weeks. Trading isn't impossible in this league, but it is difficult. Downgrading other talent on my roster to add a 3rd startable SS, when there's no guarantee i can turnover a SS when mine are healthy, isn't really high on my priority list, especially when Scutaro has been one of the best SSs over the last month. I can see why you think it's a need of mine, and i guess it is, but i'm 100% fine with riding out Scutaro or any other hot bat until my SSs are healthy.

        As far as 3B, again, Aramis has been very solid the last 30 days. If he starts slumping, Bautista moves over. 3B is only a concern because of my root issue, my OF is atrocious. but right now, Bautista can be played there, Rios is hitting, and that leaves me with Zobrist, Upton, and Young to fill in my final roster slot. not the greatest, but they'll do. and when Bonifacio and Crawford (probably a pipe dream, but i'm holding on to some hope) return, i'll have much more flexibility.

        thanks for your response, as you bring up some good points, but with the way my team is built, i'm kind of handcuffed at the moment. Trading one of my 3 2B for a 2nd 1B will make my team a bit more flexible, and the trade will still return me a 1st round name that should be fairly easy to sell on the trade market. may not address my biggest position needs right now, i don't really don't think trading a 1st round IF for 3B, SS, or even OF helps my team in the long run. Well, trading Cano for an OF may help in the long run, but that just adds to my endless number of rostered OFs...

    • If it makes sense for both managers, it's a no-brainer

    • No brainer, right? Or is relying on Kipnis too risky?


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