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  • Aaron Aaron Jun 22, 2012 12:07 PM Flag

    drop Wieters for Salty?

    Should I drop Wieters for Salty? I'm a red sox fan, so I can't tell if its my bias towards sox players that is making it difficult to make this decision, or Wieters' bad play. Every year, I think Wieters is going to break out and he looked like he had for the first month, but he's been pretty awful since then.

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    • Been pondering the same question myself. What's keeping me with Weiters so far is that he'll likely play more games than Salty over the course of the season. The Sox sub in Shoppach a couple times a week while Weiters typically only rests on Sundays.

      And as a fellow Sox fan, I've dumped most of my Sox players just cuz it's way less stressful to enjoy listening to their games if I don't have to worry about their fantasy stats.


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