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    Looking for a manager to take over a team in a 3 sport(football, baseball, basketball) keeper league. 14 teams. H2H for all 3 sports. Deeper than average roster sizes in all sports.

    We are in our 4th season so the league has been around a decent while.

    If you aren't active daily, and someone who is always looking to better your team whether it's via trade/FA ect please don't reply. Seriously active/dedicated managers only please.

    Here is the first baseball roster available, it currently sits in 9th place, 6 games out of the playoffs. Baseball we keep 8.

    C-Yadier Molina
    1b-Michael Young
    2b-Marco Scutaro
    3bChipper Jones
    SS-Derek Jeter
    IF-Elian Herrea
    IF-Placido Polanco
    LF-Jerry Hairston JR.
    CF-Angel Pagan
    RF-Mitch Moreland
    OF-Torii Hunter
    UT-Andre Ethier
    Bench-Jeff Francouer, AJ Ellis.
    DL-Chase Utley, Carlos Lee

    SP-Colby Lewis
    SP-Tim Hudson
    SP-Justin Verlander
    SP-Josh Beckett
    RP-JJ Putz
    RP-Rafael Soriano
    P-Joel Peralta
    P-Sean Marshall
    P-Mat Latos

    Bench-Chad Billingsley, Gavin Floyd

    Some notable players on the football roster include-Jamaal Charles, Darren McFadden, Peyton Manning, Eli Manning. Football team will also have 1st pick in the draft this year. We keep 6 in footbal.

    If you want the full football roster and want to see the basketball roster also, please let me know.

    Here is the second baseball roster available currently in 6th place.

    C- JP Arencibia
    1b-Prince Fielder
    2b-Brandon Phillips
    3b-Ryan Zimmerman
    SS-Dee Gordon
    IF-Adrian Gonzalez
    IF-Adam Dunn
    LF-Matt Joyce
    CF-BJ Upton
    RF-Alex Rios
    OF-Raja Davis
    UT-Pedro Alvarez
    BN-Daniel Nava, Brandon Moss
    DL-Troy Tulowitzki

    SP-Matt Harrison
    SP-James McDonald
    SP-Ian Kennedy
    SP-Wade Miley
    RP-Jonathan Papelbon
    RP-Pedro Strop
    P-Scott Downs
    P-Brandon League
    P-Eric OFlaherty
    BN-Sean Burnett, Phil Hughes

    DL-Brandon beachy, Bud Norris, Jamie Garcia, Sergio Santos

    Noteworth potential keepers for the football roster include-
    Cam Newton, CJ2k, Dalton, AJ Green, CJ Spiller, Jason Witten.

    Contact me at davidnjr23@yahoo.com letting me know you are interested in the team, provide a link to your fantasy profile, give me some information on your fantasy history/experience, how you approach it and also let me know any questions you might have.

    In baseball just a few seasons ago we maintained great activity, had well over 30 trades, looking for managers that will help us get back to that great activity.

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    • i would be interested in team two. briancharlesgrady@gmail.com

    • just curious yesterday you had 1 team available and now you have 2? Just replacing inactive managers or did something happen? If this was only football and baseball i'd jump on the opportunity. Especially for team 2. But i have no knowledge or interest in basketball.

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      • Yes, a manager has requested to leave. A guy we had in the league since day 1 decided to retire from the league at the start of baseball this season saying he no longer had the time to devote to it, but left me someone he knew that was up to taking the team.

        So, due to the guy always being a good guy/great manager I talked to his guy he knew and let him in, after 8 weeks now, he wants to be removed. When he joined the lg I offered him Tex for Gonzo and he immediately cussed/flipped out on me about it being such a terrible offer and thus we argued. We are in another 16 team league together of a mutual friend that drafted this yr and his team in there is awful(35 games behind mine already) yet he told me it was so much better ect..which brings me to what happened.

        Well in my league, the league he took over the team, he won his matchup 5 or 6 weeks in a row and would post about it bragging each week, I find ppl that boast like that annoying, especially him when he was handed the team, he didn't put it together and considering in the other lg the team he drafted entirely is awful and he doesn't ever say man my team sucks or can't do anything so in the league of our mutual friend I posted how come you don't post in here I've lost 5, 6, 7 weeks in a row like the other lg where you post you've won 4, 5, 6 times in a row.

        So this morning I get on, and he wants out because I said that to him.

        Thus I now need to find a good manager for that team, which is clearly in a better state.