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  • Harrison Harrison Jun 15, 2012 2:09 PM Flag

    How Valuable are Saves?

    I have grown very fond of Craig Kimbrel and Chris Perez and I think they are quite valuable.
    I want to trade them for a good 3B and a good SP.

    Is it realistic to expect Mark Trumbo and Jake Peavy?
    Or am I not asking for enough?

    Btw, this is my first fantasy baseball season.

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    • is peavy really the guy u want to target...i dont think he could keep this up

    • you can punt them in H2H unless you are in a tight race in all the other categories.

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      • It all depends on how well you pick your guys for the categories needed in your league. I have K's, w, qs, era, whip, holds, cg and shutouts. 4 quality SP, 3 solid closers and 2 setup guys with lowest era and whips and stream like 2 or 3 pitchers....whatever works for your league.
        Every category is just as important as the next. adjust your players as needed throughout the season. WINING.

    • I used to think in H2h that I could punt saves...I had Walden as my main guy and picked up Balfour and Cordero on the FA list so I could get some saves. Then I noticed these guys were killing my era and whip not to mention not giving me a few saves but blowing them. I traded them for Jansen and Reed and picked up Fieri and Clippard when they were all set up men to keep my era and whip low. Now they are closers and I'm winning by even more cuz I get more saves, era and whip are low. I think saves are very under rated in H2H, they help you in 3 catagories and every cat is important. I love Trumbo and Peavy is proving everybody that hes back but they are bats and closers wont get you hot players like that. just hang onto your closers, they are money!

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      • No one can disagree with you that Saves arent important at least on some level. The problem is not everyone is so lucky in a 10 or 12 team H2H to have picked up the setup men who eventually became closers or drafted the closers that dont suck and actually stay closers. This year has been one of the worst I have ever seen for closers. It simply isnt a category and player position you can rely on effectively. Thats why saves and closers, while they can be important and make a difference, should not be valued higher than any othe category in a H2H league period!

    • DONT PAY FOR SAVES! You can find any joe smoe out in FA who will get decent production. If u look in the last years only a couple of people have occured on several years of top FA closers. I would trade all closers very quickly, and would only own Papelbon and Kimbrel, but if u get a good deal do it. I would try to get better players starting slower. For example, maybe try like Kimbrel and Perez for Sabathia (or lee) and Moustakes or something. To show how much saves dont matter, I drafted Street, Bailey, Soria, Farnswrth in late rounds trading them for cano. Picking up Guerra, Marhsall, Betancourt and Myersw, tradinng them for Konerko and Zobrist. Tradeing Zobrist and Aceves for Hamels and then picking up Rodney and trading for Beachy. I got Cano, Konerko, Hamels, and Beachy in a keeper league for closers that I paid nothing for, that most all lost their job. Deal them!

    • people who say closers arent important in H2H. Dont own any good ones. Good closers help in saves era whip Ks. A solid closer can help balance out a poor outing from a starter. And owning guys like chapman or kimbrel can help the K's. Then theres the K/BB category in which good closers also help allot.
      I would not draft a closer in the top 6-7 rounds but after that do what is needed. Closers are as important as stolen bases. WHy start every week -1 category. You are always going to have an uphill battle if you punt saves or steals. It is senseless.

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      • Agree 1000 percent with you. People who play H2H and start the week down a category every week are LOSERS.

      • What you say is true IF you have an elite closer(s) such as Kimbrel. But if you drafted guys like Santos, Farnsworth, Soria, Street, etc. You cant rely on that category and you're stuck playing closer carousel. A lot of times its better to have a really solid offense (IMO) and to waiver wire the hell out of pitchers each week based on mathcup to automatically win K's and W's or QS's. That's obviously not a perfect strategy but what is? In a perfect world everyone you draft will end up being a stud or a nice trade piece. Unfortunately with closers they are the most unpredictable and shouldn't be focused on over other categories/players.

      • Offense, offense, and more offense and spot starting pitchers based on matchups is the way to go in H2H leagues

    • realistically you will not get trumbo or peavy for either one of them imo. hitting and sp is more valuable than rp

    • True you shouldnt give up on saves completely, but to value them as much as most other categories in a head to head league is a little dumb. I mean even steals are easier to come by in H2H and they are somewhat like the saves category in that you never know when you will actually get them. Focus on hitting and pitching first and the others later. These teams that hoard closers is ridiculous. 3 closers is plenty, but I see some teams doing 5 or 6. Its too much. Even if you believe in the strategy of lower era and whip while meeting your minimum innings with more relievers. In my experiences...more times than not that burns managers.

    • i would say they are ver valuable in roto as they are scarce and less valuable in h2h b/c you can punt them.

    • sorry man he is right, like i said i dont play h2h, my advice isnt very good then.

    • give some league details and you will get more helpful answers...

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