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  • Evan Evan Jun 14, 2012 6:42 AM Flag

    Blockbuster deal

    Your 1B are super deep!. If the trade has already been proposed, then I would go ahead with it. Otherwise, I would take Chris Sale out and see if they go for it first. Then add a pitcher, maybe Sale later. Sounds like you have a great team. How many teams in your league? How is your pitching staff, especially without Sale?

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    • It's only an 8-team league, and I am not really doing that well. I am currently 4th or 5th. I have Josh Johnson, Bumgarner, Darvish, Sale, Peavy, Lewis, and Latos. My pitching staff isn't great, but are holding their own. My closers are Jim Johnson and Kenley. I have great hitters on paper, but with injuries, and underperformers, I am not doing so well.
      OF-BJ Upton
      OF-Austin Jackson
      OF-Desmond Jennings
      Util--Allen Craig
      Bench--Justin Upton
      Bench-Freddie Freeman
      Bench-Paul Konerko
      DL-Matt Kemp
      DL Tulo
      DL- Carl Crawford

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      • 8 team league, you start 9 hitters= only 72 hitters start combined in the league.

        The only thing worth going after is TOP talent.

        Dealing Wright away to get Miggy or Joey isn't doing anything for you.

        J-Up you just need to be patient with. Unless his thumb is worse than we know, as long as he is healthy he is gonna rake.

        Zobo shouldn't be in your lineup, Craig should be at 2b and you should be riding a hot bat at UT out of your bench players.

        Your rotation for a league that size is not/has not been that great.

        You definitely need to add another arm(I suggest getting rid of the headache known as Yu Darvish-even if he comes around, who cares..he's not worth the worries if you can find a reliable consistent arm)

        I'm seeing

        UT-(hot bat of-likely Konerko or BJ or Freddie or Freese)

        That lineup is better than the standing it has got you as Kemp has been out half the season, Jennings missed his time, same with Tulo.

        So I'd try to move BJ+Yu or Freddie+Yu or Freese+Yu or Konerko+Yu to get a consistent arm.

        In an 8 team league, if you have no max innings and its standard 5x5, you ideally want 4 closers too if you can always play 4, 5 is better. I have no idea what your pen looks like with this information however to say if you need to do anything there.


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