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  • John John Jun 11, 2012 10:18 PM Flag

    Advice: non-closing RPs?

    In a roto league with IP limits, those types of guys are efficient at boosting some stats (ratios and K's). Since you have an entire season (up to the cap) to gain stats, when you gain them doesn't really matter. In a H2H league though, they have less of an impact because they have less time to actually make an impact. At most, they'll pitch 3 or 4 days a week. So best case scenario, if you have 3 of them, they all pitch 4 days, they all get 1 K per outing, and they give up no runs, you're looking at 12 IP and 12 K's. 1 starter that goes 7 shutout innings might get 6 K's or so. Add in another starter or two, and you can see that 3 starters is a more efficient way of getting similar stats.

    I'm not saying that they're pointless. With the right league settings, they can be useful. But the big drawback to them is that on a week to week basis, they have little impact on your numbers. For them to actually make an impact, you have to have a lot of them, and that's a waste of roster space.


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