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    Cliff Lee

    Would you trade away cliff lee right now if somone offered you a pretty decent pitcher in replace since he hasnt been producing the fantasy numbers in wins if that is a big category i9n your leauge along with the Ks? Trying to decide on hanging on to him or letting him go for a pitcher that has already won 8 or 9 games. I also have felix hernandez also that hasnt been producing wins but has been getting the Ks. looking for some ideas ona trade with Cliff lee.

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    • Of all the categories in fantasy baseball the one that you and your players have the least control over is wins. You can obtain pitchers and figure on improving K's or improving your ratios but you can never trade based on obtaining wins. Your pitcher can pitch a brilliant game and his offense is shut down and he doesn't get a win. He can be brilliant but his bullpen lets him down and he doesn't get a win. He can make great pitches but one key defensive miscue does him in. By selecting pitchers from the teams that get the most wins I think you improve your odds (Nova is a good example) but it often isn't worth the risk. I think all you can do is get the best pitchers you can and just trust in luck and the law of averages to get your share of wins. I wouldn't get rid of Lee - he could win his next 10 starts for you.

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      • To back up Scott's point, here are two guys that no one should own unless they're in a deep league and their win totals:

        Derek Lowe (7)
        Robbie Ross (6)

        Ross, in particular, is a reliever for the Rangers, so that tells you the arbitrary nature of wins. Stick with Lee and be happy with everything else he gets you. The wins will come in due time.

    • Only another top 10 pitcher. And even then it depends. Wins will come.


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