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  • Want The Last Word Really Bad Huh? Want The Last Word Really Bad Huh? Jun 10, 2012 8:26 PM Flag

    How is this possible

    Your studs aren't the best players. Are you surprised to be doing so well or shocked to be in 3rd??

    Wieters- all Orioles but Jones will fall from grace. this guy was highly touted but he's firmly placed himself as an average catcher.
    Beltran- surprise success with bad knees, be happy you have him unless you drafted him early. then I'd say be lucky he's on!
    Swisher- overrated
    Pedroia- another f'd up year in Boston, Pedey's avg has dipped. Maybe his teammates' trouble have gotten in his head.
    Johnson-injury prone. if he turns it around, trade him before he breaks down again.
    Oswalt- just a named at this point. already getting rocked in the minors so far.
    Rollins- this guy's not retired yet? you drafted him for the name.
    Rodney- lucky you picked him instead of Hector Santiago.
    League- didn't he already lose his gig?
    Kubel- streaky: strong first half is all you'll get.
    Sizemore- you didn't drop him yet?
    Feliz- sorry, looks like Oswalt's got his job now.

    on paper, you have crap. on the "field," it's still crap.

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