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  • Zain Zain Jun 7, 2012 8:13 AM Flag

    Rate my Rubbish Team

    I'm in an 8 team league here is my team - I've had many insults thrown my way about this team - would like to see if it still is a rubbish team

    C - Santana
    1B - Fielder
    2B - Craig
    SS - Hanley Ramirez
    3B - Encarnicon
    OF - De Aza, Melky Cabrera, Nelson Cruz
    Util - Trumbo, Goldschmit, Trout
    DL - Howard, Austin Jackson

    SP - Josh Johnson, Romero, Lincecum, Vogelsong, Worley, James McDonald, Trevor Cahill (streaming for his next start)
    RP - Kimbrel, Chapman

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    • Your team has a ton of power hitters, thats good, but a couple better Sp and your team would be better. All my leagues are 14 team leagues so I'm not really sure. Seems like you would have a couple more stud pitchers though. Try and package Johnson and Encarnacion for someone like Gio Gonzales or Darvish. You may luck out. I imagine your FA are pretty thick too, you may be able to trade Chapman and Johnson for an elite pitcher and still be able to pick up a suitable closer on FA.

    • you need another closer real bad, try to move melky for some SP and RP depth....

      can you answer my post please

    • one of if not the worst 8 league team i have ever seen..the WORST pitching staff i have ever seen....hopefully next year things work out better.

    • Yeah I would have to agree...especially in a 8 team league, you would expect to have a much better team...who was your 1st round pick? Fielder or Hanley?

    • Im very sorry to ssay this but your team IS rubbish.
      1st of all,where is your first round pick?So say that Fielder is your 2nd,HanRam your 3rd,Lincy your 4th,Cruz your 5th,santana your 6th...now who did you pick?I am just saying that you do not have a top ten player to pull your team along.
      2nd,where are your bench players?I mean at the very least,you would have to have 2SP and 4Pso that leaves you with Cahill on the bench but who else?
      3rd,trade Encarnancion.trade McDonald.or Hanley or Melky or Trumbo.Just trade a hot player for a proven SP(lee,Halladay,Felix,Hamels)cause there are always a lot of players willing to overpay you for hot players.
      GOOD LUCK!!!

    • try to trade hitting to upgrade pitching. be in much better shape if lincecum wasnt a dog this year

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      • i know...you should read some of the bad luck stories i've had...probably the most irritating one was when Santana went down injured, i picked up Lucroy - but the very day Lucroy was available for me, he went on the DL himself. In order to get another cather I had to drop Lucroy and pick up another Catcher...by the end of it i had used up all my weekly allowed adds, and missed out on R A Dickey who i really wanted. Dickey then went on to throw a shutout on the Saturday and someone then picked him up the next day.

        I'm in last place - is there any pitcher I can get on the WW as my league just doesn't trade very often...