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  • Miles Miles Jun 6, 2012 9:13 PM Flag

    help a commish with this trade

    14 team keeper league, keeping six.

    Team A gets:
    Gordon Beckham and Ernesto Freieri

    Team B gets:
    CC Sabathia.

    Holds and Saves are both categories along with whip and K/9 and quality starts. Everthing else is standard. Team B claims to have plenty of starting pitchers, and also claims to be in rebuild mode.

    Let me know if you need anymore info. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

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    • any signs of collusion? like managers being pals/related, or Team giving up CC being at the bottom and having gone inactive...

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      • However, one angle that he may be working form is that you get to draft your keepers for next year in the round they were drafted this year -3. So round 19 this year= round 16 next year. I believe Beckham was a free agent, so if he stays hot and develops into the player of the last two weeks, it will have been a good move on his part.

        Still not really sure what to think, but again I am leaning towards allowing it if it becomes my decision.

      • Doesn't seem like collusion and I don't think they know each other. I actually just added the guy giving up CC as a replacement manager. Despite having a decent team, he thinks he needs to go into rebuild mode. However, I don't consider this a wise rebuilding move. It is tought to see either one of the guys he is getting becoming one of his 6 keepers.

    • Looks fine to me. I mean people in your league may not be happy because a "rebuild trade" usually helps one team a lot in the short run. Still it's their decision to make IMO.

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      • You called it, that is exactly how it is going. Reviews are done through me, I rejected it initially, but only to allow more time for league input. After a few days of league input and a league poll regarding the trade, we are still deadlocked it seems.

        I reserved the right to make the final decision if the poll comes out tied, and I am leaning towards allowing it.


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