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  • A Yahoo! User Jun 5, 2012 12:20 PM Flag

    Help right this ship...

    My Keeper team is a mess. I won the league last year but this year it is just not workin out too well.

    What moves/trades should I make to turn things around?

    12 Team - H2H - Keeper (Keep 4)

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    • your problem is you chose to rely on to many young and upcoming players for your offense.

      sometimes wasting earlier draft picks to collect a guaranteed pro form on the offensive side is a must. Young guys tend to have a lot of ups and downs through out a season and there years.

      You might need wait on some of your guys and hope they turn it around, but I would be looking for some solid bats that will give you consistent production.

    • Your team isn't bad at all. You've just had some guys under-perform to start the season (Hosmer, Zobrist, Gordon, Lester) and the Ellsbury on the DL hurt a bit. You have amazing keeper talent on your roster (Trout, Kershaw, McCutchen, Ellsbury, Lawrie, Hosmer). I'd venture to say that there's definitely a possibility you're still in contention this year if some of your guys turn it around. Ellsbury's return will help. Just be patient with your team.

      If anything, I think you could use a slight pitching upgrade. Try to trade for one.

      Also, check the split stats for your players and avoid bad match-ups when setting your starting lineup (ie, starting Ubaldo @ DET doesn't seem like a good play to me with the way he's been pitching this year).


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