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    Locking Streaming Maggots

    There is a problem in one of my leagues where the commish has locked 4 teams in a 20 team league that have a history of major streaming. Now let me give you a brief history of this league. Is a private league that has been run for 5 years. 15 of the 20 managers including myself have been a part of the league since the beginning. The original commish due to moving overseas handed over the league to one of the managers that has been a great, active manager for all 5 years and is considered one of the most respected managers in the history of the league.

    Up until this year the league always had a 5 roster moves per week limit to prevent the underhanded cheap-ass chicken sh*t pitcher streaming problem. This league had integrity and didn't tolerate such shenanigans. This manager that took over the league also, like the vast majority of team owners, depises these streaming losers but for some reason removed the 5 roster moves per week rule that has been a standard in this league. Now we have 4 managers. Two new to the league this year and 2 long tenured managers who took part in this lame streaming sh*t. Now as you can tell by now I am 110% against pitcher streaming. I feel it is a gutless chicken sh*t underhanded tactic that I have zero respect for. It is NOT in my mind strategy and I consider people that take part in this to be no talent, unable to properly manage their teams, lacking baseball knowledge bottom feeders that have no worth to fantasy baseball whatsoever. HOWEVER, it is not against the rules (although the prior roster move limits prevented it in this league).

    Now while I am totally against streaming I feel the commish has in a severe way overstepped his boundaries by locking these teams. Now the commish is a good guy and I support no streaming but fair is fair and he has no business locking these teams. Most of the other managers support his locking of these streaming scuzzbuckets but I feel he was wrong in his actions. The nutmuncher should have just kept the 5 roster moves per week limit like the league has always had. The commish is not one to make many moves anyways as he only has 19 moves so far for the season since the March draft so it served him no purpose to even change this and it baffles me why he did.

    In your opinions is this something I should contact Yahoo about? I want to take over the league as commish and want Yahoo to grant me this but the league is so much against streaming that they like the commish decision but I feel it was wrong with no roster move limits. The other factor in this is, like all other years, the commish lists the league rules well before the draft and it does explicitly state that pitcher streaming is forbidden however it does not say the consequences if streaming occurs. I want fair to be fair but I also respect the majority of the managers supports this commish lock the teams overwhelmingly and personally I favor it but it is not the absolute right thing to do.

    Let me get your opinions on what to do before I contact Yahoo and attempt to have the league signed over to my control.

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    • Well this is a tough question. Let me suggest this. The commish DID state streaming was forbidden so I really have little problem with him locking those managers out. However I feel the commish is WRONG if he does not actively pursue managers to replace those who were locked out. Finding replacement managers is not too difficult.

    • Well, since the move limit was removed, everyone knew going into the season that streaming was technically an option. By locking those 4, the commish over stepped his authority. Some guys go into a league knowing what the rules are and play accordingly. If they know there's move limits, they draft and play differently. Admittedly, your league rules do say there's consequences if you do it anyway, but it should have been spelled out before the season started. I would bet that if the managers knew they would be locked out, they would have either not done it or not even joined at all.

      Off the subject, but I'm fine with streaming. You gain wins and K's, sure, but if you don't know what you're doing, you stand to take a pretty significant hit in your pitching ratios. H2H, that's not that big of a deal since you can still win the week, but in roto, dealing with 2 bottom-feeding categories is hard to overcome, even with a whole season to account for it.

    • first of all streaming is pussy shit. second of all. he should not have locked them. why not tell him to reinstitute the 5 moves per week rule? that would solve the problem right away no?

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      • Funny you mentioned that. We as a league have been discussing that for a while now and as I checked in on the league the commish put in a message asking for a league vote to reinstate the 5 roster move rule that has been longstanding since the league inception. The issue with this is there were several managers that are steadfast about not changing the league rules after the draft however most managers want it reinstated. He said he will reinstate the 5 roster moves per week rule if 15 of 20 managers agree which will be close. We have about 5 managers that are 100% against changing rules mid-season which I can understand but this rule has been vital to the league's success for the past 4 years.

    • It's a private league, right? I think maybe just voicing your concerns to the commish is the better way to go. How would the other managers feel if you contacted Yahoo and ousted the current commish? It sounds like the league has been a good one for 5 years already, so why throw more conflict in the mix? Also, ask the commish how long he plans to keep them locked. Is it just a week, indefinitely, or what? He can post a league message explaining why he locked the teams, and explain what the consequences will be for future streaming. Then maybe those 4 managers can ask to be unlocked or the commish will do it automatically after a time.

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      • Already emailed the commish privately and expressed concern. Commish pretty much said was his call to lock the teams and thanked me for stopping by. The teams are locked for the season with commish making sure lineups are filled in for competitive purposes. I understand that the league rules state streaming is forbidden but the problem is there was nothing that said teams would be locked for streaming and while most of the managers agreed with the commish after the fact he never really asked anyone opinions before the locking. It is otherwise a great league that is highly active, long tenured managers and zero issues the last 4 year prior to this fifth year. I am thinking just let it be since pretty much the whole league agrees to what he did (and I support it also) I just don't like the way he did it without league input and without it being expressed as a consequence for the streaming. I will suggest if he remains commish that he have a co-commish even if it is not me just to make sure of things like this in the future.


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