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  • k-bomb k-bomb Jun 3, 2012 1:06 PM Flag

    What are you doing with Ellsbury?

    I've had Ellsbury the entire season and have just been waiting it out until he gets back since he was injured so early and no one was interested in a DL player (and I didn't want to drop him, knowing he could be valuable again).

    Since he should be back mid-June, should I keep him (my OF already consists of Hamilton, Adam Jones, Braun and others) or use him as trade bait? And if so, what should I expect in return?

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    • I got him with one of my lasts picks in the draft in one league. I plan on keeping him to see how he performs especially after that fantastic breakout season he just had. he scares me with the injuries 2 of the last 3 years but hes got so much upside i could never just give him away in a trade. I think u should see how he does, let him play for a month after he comes back from the DL and decide from there because he really did have an amazing season last year and if he can continue to put up those types of numbers hes top 5 in OFs available

    • Yeah, I've been lucky that I could keep him in the DL slot and have other OF who have picked up the slack.

      Side question would be: do I unload Hamilton upon Ellsbury's return (assuming Jacoby is hitting well)? My pitching is great right now (Strasburg, G. Gonzales, C. Lee, E. Frieri, Valverde...), but my studs have stopped producing. Team batting average is like, .260.

    • I can't tell you what to do...but I am hoping that the Ellsbury owner in my league is selling him. I offered Suzuki in a 1-for-1 trade earlier this week.

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      • Hmm. I had Suzuki in the beginning, but unloaded him because he wasn't living up to previous years. (I think he's still a FA in our league.)

        Any trades I've offered have generally been 2-for-1, so I'm wondering if Ellbury will be worth two other players or if I should set my sights on somebody bigger since my sluggers aren't producing.

    • Two ways of going about it; either keep him in till he is off the DL and is playing well and then trade him or trade one of your other outfielders for a need and hope he can come back and produce like he should. I traded Bryan LaHair for him earlier in the season and I have him on the DL.. not looking to trade him though.

    • if you sell him now, you're selling low on an injured guy.
      you've kept him this long...if you want to sell him, wait until he starts hitting again and sell him for more.


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